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2020 Goals: Financially Lit

Most of us are no strangers to the term 'secure the bag' right? But how do you secure the bag and what happens when you've got it? How do you ensure that in 2020 you're on top of your financial goals and see your money multiply and bank account flourish? We spoke to Ayo Gabriel, a Private Wealth Advisor about how we can have a financially strong 2020. ...... How do you set realistic financial goals and keep yourself accountable throughout the year? Well, the first step is deciding to set yourself actual financial goals! I highlight the word financial here because it is easy to fall into setting qualitative goals that are not always attached to hard quantitative numbers....

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2020 Goals: Stay Low and Build

They say summer bodies are built in the winter, right? The start of the year is when many of us commit to making a change to improve our health and fitness. Whether that's running that race, taking out that gym membership, or even learning to cook instead of ordering Uber Eats. We spoke to personal trainer Ryan Thomas and former powerlifter Jo Lwanga to understand how to keep fitness at the forefront in 2020. ...........   How do you set realistic fitness goals and keep yourself accountable beyond New Year's resolutions? J:  I think about my work and life schedule and then fit the gym around that. I find that a lot of people make the mistake of trying to force life to work around their...

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2020 Goals: Ight, Imma Head Out

January marks the SZN for vision boarding, goal setting, budget planning, and strategizing on how to level up from the previous year. For many of us, catching flights and exploring new countries is high on our priority list. But how do you make sure that you set realistic travel goals and travel smart this year? We spoke to Clé Hunnigan, entrepreneur, visual storyteller, and Founder of the global travel community, the Wind Collective.   Clé Hunnigan, Wind Collective   What's your advice on traveling on a budget? "Research is everything! Spend some time looking at travel blogs, identifying free or cheap things to do in the local area, and make that a part of your itinerary. Make sure you make a plan for your...

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